Trying to find an Event DJ in Northern California? Get in touch today. I can be booked for a variety of celebrations and functions.


Event Entertainer

Event Entertainer

Wedding DJ

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your special day? Look no further than Maximus Multimedia Productions' Wedding DJ service in …
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Event DJ

As a Disc Jockey (DJ), I bring over 20 years of experience to curate the perfect musical atmosphere for your event. Whether it's a …
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Master of Ceremonies / Announcer

As a Master of Ceremonies (MC), I am a skilled public orator and speaker, capable of addressing large crowds at various events. With my …
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Voiceover Artist

As a Voiceover Artist, I offer my distinctive voice for commercials and film/video projects. My voice has been featured in multiple …
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Concert Lighting and Sound

For your event, I provide customized concert lighting and sound services. With my expertise, I can create an immersive and visually …
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Video Entertainment and Thematic Programming

In addition to DJ services, I offer unique video entertainment and thematic programming. This includes curated visuals and thematic …
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Clean Lyrics Upon Request

I understand the importance of providing music that suits the preferences of all audiences. Upon request, I ensure that all music played …
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Making memories with music & video!

Complimentary Consultation

Explore possibilities with a free consultation tailored to your event. Let's discuss how to make your celebration truly exceptional.

School Dance Extravaganza

Ignite the dance floor at school events. Me diverse playlist spans eras, ensuring a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for students to enjoy.

Celebrate Life's Milestones

Whether it's a birthday, retirement, reunion, or graduation, let us provide the soundtrack to your celebration. Create lasting memories with entertainment that resonates with everyone!

Masterful Hosting

Elevate your event with a skilled Master of Ceremonies. Engage your audience with eloquence and seamless event coordination.

Musical Time Capsule (1950s-2020s)

Journey through decades of music. My extensive library spans from the classics to contemporary hits, ensuring a diverse and captivating playlist.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Enjoy events suitable for all ages. Me music selection and atmosphere are crafted to ensure a delightful experience for children and families alike.





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